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Don't Let the NRA Take America Hostage
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The gun lobby’s extremist political agenda has held America’s political system hostage for too long. The NRA and the National Shooting Sports Foundation have opposed even the most non-controversial reforms such as funding the confiscation of illegal guns from criminals and the mentally ill, and eliminating poisonous lead from bullets.

Take a stand against NRA extremism and for common-sense reforms by endorsing the two petitions below.

Petition to President Obama

President Obama, I’ve had enough of the gun lobby’s extremist positions! The NRA must no longer be allowed to hold our political system hostage to its deadly, ideological agenda. It’s time for politicians to listen to the American people and enact common-sense laws and policies to stop senseless gun violence. For this to happen, we need you to lead the country forward. We need you to press Congress into action. Your leadership and commitment are needed now to overcome decades of political fear ginned up by the gun lobby. Now is the time to lead and act.

Petition to Senate and House Leaders

Senator Reid and House Speaker Boehner, please uphold our environmental laws in the face of political pressure by the NRA and the National Shooting Sports Foundation. Do not allow any legislation stripping away the EPA’s authority to eliminate poisonous lead from bullets. We eliminated lead from paint, gasoline and toys. It is past time to stop the spewing of some 14,000 tons of lead into our environment every year from bullets. Non-lead bullets are readily available: there is simply no need for recreational lead bullets. There is no reason to expose pregnant women and children to lead poisons in hunted meat. There is no reason to expose communities near shooting ranges to toxic lead dust. There is no reason for 20,000,000 birds and mammals to be poisoned to death every year from ingesting spent lead bullet residues. Please stand strong against the gun lobby. Preserve our environmental laws.

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